Olympics 2012: Get Your Apps To The Start Line

Olympic Tales

The 2012 London Olympics begin on July 27. So, let’s get ready.

Check the schedules so you will know when your favorite events will be viewable. The best way to watch “Live View” events might just be using an app. If you have access to the UK Apple Store, the BBC Olympics app is available and will be your ticket to the Olympics. In the US, the NBC Olympics Live Extra ( will be the app to have.

Additional Apps include:

Sports Illustrated

Reuters 2012 Olympics App – great photos!

NBC Olympics

BBC Olympics – only in UK Apple Store

Past Olympic Marathon Highlights:

1904 – Thomas Hicks wins in St. Louis. He took strychnine and brandy in an attempt, in his belief, to aid his performance. Fred Lorz, the original first place finisher was found to have travelled 11 miles of the distance in a car.


Early British Competition via Youtube