Culture Errata

Temporary Storm Related Phone Issues

With the storm events of the past few days, the only damage we have suffered is a phone number outage. We hope everyone is pulling through the storm alright.

We have managed to have a temporary forwarding set up, so you may still reach us at 202-298-6830 or via email.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


New Server Hiccups

We are on a new server, and there are a few hiccups. We lost 60% of our posts, but most of them were old.

The transition and transmission of the new IP address of the new server is a it irregular and updates aren’t able to be seen right away. In fact if you do see this over the next few days, we are both likely lucky!

Update: 5 hours of work today and things are much better. Old files are backed up – might be re-entered or they might not. Either way the subdirectory has changed. And eventually google will catch up. And thanks to an ISP support person far, far away who spent a few hours with me working on the problems today.


Why Here, Why Now, Why Old, Why Not New

Some database issues have made it imperative to recreate the blog comment by comment. And I may not be able to accomplish that. I’ve tried to choose the better ones from the past few years and added them in to the latest WordPress blog software. So that’s why you see some old stuff here.

And hopefully soon, you’ll see some newer material too.

I’ll edit and update the older material where needed.