5 Pillars of Benno Nigg

Benno Nigg is likely the most published and cited biomechanist in the field of human locomotion. Professor Nigg was born in Switzerland and studied nuclear engineering. He changed direction early on and headed to the field of Biomechanics which he found more interesting and felt that there was more room to make advancements.

He is a long time professor at the University of Calgary. I have had the opportunity to meet and speak with him, the first time, many years ago at a Prescription Foot Orthotics Laboratory Conference held in Vancouver in the early 2000’s. More recently I’ve participated in Zoom conferences and there is an upcoming virtual Biomechanics seminar hosted by Fit Foot U which will feature the host Ben Pearl, DPM, Benno Nigg DNatSci, PhD, Richard Blake, DPM and myself. ( June 7, 2022 Biomechanics and Orthotics Summit)

I was asked what did I consider the most important 3 pillars of Dr. Nigg’s research. I decided there were at least five. I’ll list them and a relevant sampling of references:

1) kinetics is more important than kinematics
2) muscle tuning paradigm
3) preferred movement pathway
4) importance of comfort in selection of shoes, insoles and foot orthoses
5) importance of small muscles with optimal lever arm

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