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The Trials Of The Marathon

At the finish line of the Boston Marathon are the flags of the world. The winners for the last many years are all welcome and come from the third world. New York also celebrates the entire globe. The statue of liberty still stands there with a saying that welcomes all and truly needs all.


In the running community there has been an ongoing debate about evolution that focuses on one very small issue of “foot strike”. This issue is dwarfed by many, many other issues of biology, physiology, psychology, genomics, the role of exercise in disease prevention and in improved health both mental and physical and even human behavior both in small and large groups.

Evolution involves more than whether you hit the ground with your forefoot, midfoot or rearfoot. It doesn’t have much to do with whether you wear a minimalist shoe, run barefoot, or wear a stability shoe.

We have a long way to evolve as a species. Recent theories have involved cooperation and altruism as an important part of evolution. That was seen today in the actions of the first responders in Boston. It is far more than survival of the fittest. The barbarians will not survive long.