Running Tips

Tip Of The Hat, Wag of The Finger: Keeping The Tips of Your Toes Dry (repost 2009)

Well, no Colbert style tips today. Just a straight forward quick and easy tip for your toes.

Training Tip of The Week:

Always use synthetic socks for your runs. Use material will which wick moisture away from your feet. Cotton socks lose their shape and cushioning when wet. They also hold the moisture against your feet increasing your chance of blisters and athlete’s foot.

  • Choose your sock thickness to correlate with the fit of your shoes. If you fit and selected your shoes with thin socks, moving to thick socks or double thickness socks may end up squeezing your feet.
  • Make sure to bring the socks you intend to wear when you get fitted for new running shoes.
  • Consider using socks made of feet friendly, moisture wicking materials and not the 3 for $10 cotton socks.
  • Change your socks at least daily.
  • Always use fresh, clean, dry socks for your athletic activities.

For more information on socks for running see my website article on socks for running

And we will do a tip of the hat to Laura Milligan and Kelly Sonora who put a listing titled: 100 Best Health and Nutrition Blogs for Athletes at . It is missing a few I like. Among them is Leigh Peele’s blog . Leigh is known for her Fat Loss Troubleshoot and covers nutrition, diet, life, the universe, and everything at her blog. (And yes the answer is 42. You may check the answer at Wikipedia.)