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Overuse Injuries: All The Small Things (repost 10/2010)

Podiatry Management (October, 2010) has just published an article I’ve written titledĀ  Overuse Injuries: All The Small Things . You are just another click away from the PDF version. This is a challenging article. It introduces mechanotransduction, a theory of cellular and tissue function, which is little known in the sports medicine community. The article touches lightly on this topic and then reviews the latest literature and theory on overuse injuries to bone and tendon.

The Needle - Kenneth Snelson
The Needle - Kenneth Snelson

The cellular level is where things start and where we will find many answers. I expect to add more details on the web site on mechanotransduction and mechanobiology for those with hardcore, deep science interest. The article is limited in size, but was longer than many published in PM Magazine. But, I didn’t even touch on the theory canalicular flow and osteocyte induction or mechanotransduction and control of stem cell development by matrix stiffness. Research in the field of mechanobiology is growing daily and the outlook is great that it will be fruitful.