Know When To Get Out Of The Rain

When it is thundering, it is probably time to get out of the rain. Lightning can hit miles away from storm centers and each year many are injured or killed from lightning strikes. The usual advice is to seek low ground in an open field if possible.

A new twist though is the iPod injury. A letter to the New England Journal of Medicine reports an injury, 2 years ago, in Canada to a young man while mowing the lawn while using his iPod. The iPod does not act as a lighting rod or attractor, but it does conduct the electricity – right up to your ears. Eardrum injuries and burns along the course of the wires are said to be likely areas of injury. Other reports of similar injuries have occurred in runners, and in individuals using their cell phones. Keep your iPod on low enough to hear, and to especially hear the thunder which means it is time to get out of the storm. And be sure to get those ear buds out of your ears if you can’t get out of the storm immediately. I wonder, just how many dbs must the iPod be at to be heard over the sound of a lawn mower.