June Training For Fall Marathons

Many people are beginning their fall marathon training in June. So keep tuned for training tips.

Gradually Increase Your Running Distance:

One of the keys to increasing your running distance is the long run. I don’t recommend that beginning marathoners increase their running distance and long run invariably each and every week. The tips I recommend follow:

Do not increase your running distances too quickly. The usually quoted rule is 10% per week. But week after week of increases of 10% will soon demonstrate that even this will  be too much. Make sure that as your running is on the upward swing you drop back and have an easy week at least every third week. Don’t combine an intense program to increase your distance, while dramatically increasing your hill work or  speed work.

Most people will benefit from rest and recovery time built in to their exercise week. Absolute rest, strength training, or cross training can all be helpful.

Make sure during increases, you are eating carefully and healthy. Sleep is good and may come even easier as you improve your fitness.