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Welcome to Dr. Pribut's Running Injuries web site. While we cover a variety of sports medicine topics, running injuries are at the core of this site. For a quick look at selected topics visit 98.6: Dr. Pribut's Blog. Below you'll find information on how to avoid and treat running injuries and related topics.


Podcast Interview on Running - Wide ranging discussion at on August 12, 2015.Interviewed at RunnersConnect

Recent Blog Entries - Brief entries on a variety of topics primarily sports medicine and science.

Is there really a new exercise to cure plantar fasciitis? - Dissecting the study which was the basis for recent media hype which is still misleading many runners.

Tips On Running Shoe Lacing - Advice on getting it together with your laces.

New Rules of Training: 2015 - Top 10 Training rules for 2015.

The Science of Tendinopathy - Tendinitis as a generic term should be replaced by Tendinopathy. Technical, scientific article on the current state of the science of tendinopathy.

The Zone Of Confusion - Pain on the bottom of the foot isn't always plantar fasciitis. In the midfoot, soft tissue pain is often caused by peroneus longus tendinopathy.

Potholes On The Road To Success   - Beginning runners: don't fall into the potholes. Read these basic tips on successful running.

Top Ten Ways to Avoid Running Injuries  Everyone loves top ten lists. Here's one to help you keep healthy.

Marathon Recovery: Recovery Begins Before You Take Your First Marathon Steps

Running In The Heat - Tips for the summer

Running In The Cold - For my down under friends. Dress in layers, use breathable fibers, don't forget to replace your fluids, and don't slip on the ice.

Marathon Tips - Tips and reminders for a successful marathon.

Online Chat At USA Today - Archived: Featured Chat on "Talk Today"

Rock Your Socks - How should you choose your athletic socks? Is cotton rotten?

Women's Sports Injuries
Internet resources on women's sports injuries

Pain In Athletes
Pain is not normal. Pay attention to your body.

Stress Fractures and Stress Reactions of Bone: A Chronic repetitive stress injury syndrome of bone. Stress fracture and stress reaction of bone, both of which are a repetitive stress injury (RSI) of bone.

Biomechanics Of Gait
Introduction to gait biomechanics.

A Quick Look At Running Injuries PDF written for Podiatry Management Magazine for practitioners and students.

Top 5 Running Injuries PDF written for Podiatry Management Magazine in 2008 for practitioners and students.

Dr. Pribut's Running Shoe List Categorizing selected running shoes. Not the only shoes out there but these ones have been examined and placed in usable categories.

Fitting and Selecting Running Shoes

Blog Entry: Running & Being and Running & Dying

NPR Morning Edition Interview on Flipflops, Barefoot, and Foot Health  June 19, 2008 - Interview (audio) and story with Allison Aubrey.

Supplement to Lecture "Exercise: Good For What Ails You"

Overuse Injuries: All The Small Things - Update 2010. Theory on Mechanobiology and sports injury. Focus on Bone and Tendon athletic injury. (Technical article) This is a difficult, but hopefully interesting and thought provoking article.

Running Related Injuries

Achilles Tendonitis
How can you get rid of your Achilles Tendonitis How can you reduce the   risk of recurrence. What stretches are good and which ones are bad?

Iliotibial Band Syndrome
What causes iliotibial band syndrome. How can you treat it yourself? Can orthotics help? What stretches work best?

Runner's Knee Problems
What is runners knee? What factors contribute to it? What exercises should you do for knee pain? Does pronation affect the knee?

Ankle Sprains
What should you do immediately if you've sprained your ankle? Can the doctor help? How can you keep this from recurring? If you've read that 70% get better within 6 months what can you do to be in that 70% and to turn that 70% into 95%.

Peroneal Tendon Complex: Injuries and Rehabilitation
Peroneal tendon injuries are often missed. Read the latest on diagnosis and treatment.

OCD, Osteochondritis Dissecans, Osteochondral Injury and Your Ankle
If you suffered an ankle sprain which has stayed swollen for the past month and achy, consider this injury.

Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Pain
This seems to be an epidemic. How can you improve your plantar fasciitis? What are the best stretches? What might be wrong with your shoes? Is there anything to make the pain go away?

Sever's Disease
Heel pain can occur in children. This is a common cause of heel pain which occurs at the growth center.

Athlete's Foot
Do you have to be an athlete to get athlete's foot? How can you prevent it? What is that scaly, dry skin on the bottom of your foot? Is it just dry skin or something more sinister?

Turf Toe
Turf toe can happen in runners. Understanding and treating turf toe.

Hallux Rigidus In Runners (Hallux Limitus)
On the technical side. The trend is to call hallux limitus an early stage of hallux rigidus.

Sesamoid Pain, Sesamoiditis and Sesamoidopathy
Technical article.

Training: The Long Run

Friction Blisters

Shin Splints
What causes shin splints? What are shin splints? Is there more than one kind?  What can you do to treat it?  Can orthotics help? What stretches can help?

Neuroma Pain
Numbness, tingling, burning, or cramping in your forefoot. What could it be?  Would wider shoes help? Can orthotics help? How about steroid injections?

Iliopsoas Tendonitis
Groin pain, hard to diagnose, limiting your running. Your doctor is at a loss. Maybe you have iliopsoas tendonitis a hard to diagnose and often missed cause of groin pain.

Hamstring Injuries
Pulled hamstrings occur often in individuals unprepared for the stresses of speed work. Don't forget to perform flexibility exercises, strength training, warm up carefully and gradually ease into speed work.

Marathon Recovery: The Reverse Taper

Piriformis Syndrome
Buttock pain. Hard to diagnose. Not much information written on this topic. Does it exist?

Running In The Cold
Dress in layers, use breathable fibers, don't forget to replace your fluids, and don't slip on the ice.

Running In The Heat

Top Ten Summertime Running Tips

Top Ten Winter Running Tips

Plantar Warts

Side Stitches and Vomiting From Running

Sports Nutrition
Book review: Recommended book - Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition, 3rd Edition.

Tips On Avoiding Injury

Top Ten Ways to Avoid Running Injuries  Everyone loves top ten lists. Love this list and stay healthy. These are the best tips to help you stay out of the doctor's office.

Tips On Stretching
Dr. Pribut reviews his favorite stretches and makes suggestions for you on how to keep limber.

Tips On Selecting Athletic and Running Shoes
Dr. Pribut reviews the basics of running shoe selection and offers some tips.

Marathon Tips - tips for the beginning marathoner

Strength Training
Dr. Pribut reviews strength training for runners in 3 articles updated for 2009.

Separating the Buzz From The Biomechanics:A Guide To Athletic Shoe Trends and Innovations PDF
Archival article on whether the hyped features of running shoes worthwhile additions or marketing gimmicks.

Running Highlight

winter sunshine

Tips For Safe Summer Running

The Do's and Dont's of Summer

1. Wear socks made of synthetic fibers that wick moisture away from your skin to help prevent blisters and athlete’s foot. For long distance running and long duration exercise, cotton is rotten.

2. Fit your running shoes or other sports shoes with the type of sock you intend to wear them with. Get fit each time you buy new shoes.

3. Don’t wear sandals when playing sports! Shoes (or barefoot where appropriate and safe) is a better bet. Barefoot beach volleyball, beach or groomed, safe, outdoor surface Frisbee, and running is just fine for many people. In general though, be careful when running or walking barefoot outside. Cuts and bee stings are not fun for your feet.

4. Build up to your longer distance training slowly. Consider running your long distance runs earlier than usual to avoid midday heat and pollution.

6. Break in new sport shoes before racing or using them for a long run or workout.

7. Use sunscreen to prevent solar injury to your skin. UVA and UVB protection are important. Don't forget your feet at the beach. Try to avoid mid-day exposure between the hours of 10am-2pm. Protect your eyes with UV safe glasses.

8. Don't forget to replace your fluids on long runs, but avoid overhydration on events over 4 hours.

9. Do wear sport specific running shoes. Running shoes do not have the lateral support needed for tennis. Help yourself avoid ankle sprains and other injuries and do fit your running shoes or other sports shoes with the type of sock you intend to wear them with. Do replace your running shoes often. Replace them at least every 350 - 450 miles run.

10. Be careful running in low light conditions both because of road traffic, uneven pavement and also be aware of increased balance problems.

See Dr. Pribut On Running in The Heat for more information.


Dr.  Pribut has been in private practice in Washington, D.C. since 1980. His practice specializes in Podiatric Sports Medicine, Biomechanics and Foot Surgery. He has also been active in computer science since the early 1980's. His work with computers includes the use of a variety of languages from the AI languages Lisp and Prolog to Pascal, Perl, Java, C, and C++. Current projects include the use of Python, Bayes theorem, Probabilistic Graphical Models, and MDPs in biological systems and clinical decision making. He has been active in non-profit organization Internet use and has served as webmaster and Chief Internet Engineer for numerous national and state organizations. His sports medicine web site has been a useful resource for over 5.5 million visitors since 1995. Currently over 90,000 pages are served each month and viewed by 35,000 to 65,000 people each month. Dr. Pribut serves on the Runner's World Board of Advisors and is a Past-President of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine.

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