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Go Articles

Daily Yomiuri Columns on Go

Handicapping On Small Boards

Mind Sports Zine: Go

Go Base: Authors and Article Listing

Go And The Sims : A Conversation with Will Wright. In Gamestudies.

In an Ancient Game, Computing's Future: Aug. 2002, NY Times. A strong Go game is a no go for now.


Getting Started In Go

Annotated Go Bibliography - David Carlton. Reviews, descriptions, sorted

Rules Tutorial

Interactive Go Lessons - Great place to start. Do all the lessons here!

Sensei's Library All sorts of information. Vital place to visit.

Go Terms (from Sensei's Library)



Handheld PCs

Pocket PC

GNUGo For Pocket PC

Pocket Go SGF Editor, Viewer (binaries only mirror)


PalmGo - Port of Gnu Go

AiGo 2.0.0 Shareware, not time limited.

PilotGone Freeware, Sourcecode available.


Sente Goban - Includes GNUGO and Interface

PC Go Games

GnuGo Resources, Code, Games, Editors

TurboGo - Free trial, shareware, not time limited.

IGoWin - Free version of Many Faces of Go 9x9 Board

Many Faces Of Go

SmartGo - Free 9x9, Full version for sale



  Hot Go Links

Harry Fearnley's Bookmarks The standard for many years. But not updated often or recently.

Kogo's Joseki Dictionary

Gobase: Go An Addictive Game. Lots of Current Information

NNGS Go Index

Jean-Loup's Go Page


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Go Teaching Ladder Online game commentaries, java applet for viewing online. Downloads.


Go Equipment

332 Bleecker Street Suite K-59
New York, NY 10014

Yutopian Enterprises
2255 29th St, Suite 3
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Tel: 1-800-YUTOGO-3 (1-800-988-6463)


Slate and Shell
1425 Westshire Lane
Richmond, VA 23233
Phone: (804) 740-2191
E-mail: FAQ Rules FAQ

Rules Information and Comparison of Rules


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American Go Association The official organization of Go players in the United States. Information about Go in the U.S. Go clubs, Computer Go.

British Go Association

Intelligent Go Foundation Organization dedicated to computer based go.



Go Server List

Yahoo Go

NNGS - No Name Go Server

IGS - Internet Go Server

Software For GO Servers

Web Clients for NNGS

Downloadable Clients For NNGS

Clients For IGS Ergo, Yago


SGF File Format - Used On Go Servers. Most popular current format.

Overview of Computer Go



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