Summertime Web Specials

By Stephen M. Pribut, D.P.M., F.A.C.F.A.S. APMA News July 1997

Summer is the time for vacations, travel, reading, picnics, sports and the beach. The web is a great place to get information on all this and more from the comfort of your own home. Even the downside of summer can be researched from your computer. Heat injury, sun damage, food poisoning and bad weather can all be researched on the web.

Before we decide where to go, what to read, and what to do, we’ll take a look at summer on the web. But first, lets get our sunscreen on, cover up the exposed areas and learn about photodamage. Photodamage is caused by UV-B and UV-A radiation from the sun. Copious information on photodamage and its prevention can be obtained in the Electronic Textbook of Dermatology at: . A daily UV forecast is issued by The United States Environmental Protection Agency at . More information on heat injury and links to sun induced injuries can be found on my page at: . For just the weather though, we'll have to go elsewhere. The "Weather Channel" is online at: This site is extremely well designed with easy access to regional and local reports and maps. Long term forecasts, beach conditions, a UV index map, airline weather delays and other information is just a click away. WinWeather (from is a very handy shareware program that can show you at a glance the weather in many places at once, give you the forecasts, and connects to a variety of satellite information. If you hunger for more weather information there are many more places you can find at .

Besides heat injury, lyme disease is another outdoor danger. A wide variety of information can be found on the web at LymeNet. ("" ) Links to diagnosis, treatment and legal issues are here in abundance.

For information of all sorts on every bug imaginable visit the Iowa State Entomology Index at . Information on all aspects of summertime pests are here. Checklists for young and old bug fans are here also. Ants, bees, biological surveys, insect control and even the famous "Drosophila Flybase" is here. Flybase has recently become more well known because important genetic homologues of human disorders can be found in the well documented chromosomal map of the fruit fly.

For your summer reading the web has abundant sites on authors and books. There are home pages on authors such as William Faulkner (, Shakespeare ( and Thomas Pynchon ( Books can be ordered and speedily received online. the self-proclaimed "world's largest bookstore" is only accessible by the web. They have almost every published book you could want, along with reviews, and searchable archives. The New York Times has placed its book reviews of the last ten years online at: . An electronic library and bookstore called Book Stacks Unlimited, , has both free e-books and text versions available for purchase. If you'd like to read a good summertime "fish story" you can visit there and download Moby Dick for free.

Looking for a movie on a quiet summery weekend night? Visit the Internet Movie Database at - you'll find all you could ever want to know about current and past movies. Official and unofficial reviews abound, plot summary, lists of actors and other similar movies or movies with your favorite protagonists. For prospective stargazers, Sky & Telescope magazine has a weekly "eye on the sky" web column for directing you to the interesting parts of the summer sky. Point yourself to for information on comets, constellations and other heavenly events.

To help you on your travels, hotel, restaurant and site seeing information can be found at . You can search for a map at Yahoo, which has links to domestic and international cities and all kinds of maps imaginable. The Xerox PARC Interactive Map at will let you zoom in on any earthly location. You can also use the Street Atlas USA 4 CDROM on your portable computer and connect with a Global Positioning System link to monitor your location. A free trip outline can be obtained from with a choice of scenic or direct route and details mileage, time to travel and points of interest. For international travellers the State Department Travel Advisories are found at .

Summertime sports are covered in detail on the web. While ESPN ( is known for their baseball coverage, two other sites well worth a look are and . Golf, the new hot sport, is well covered at . Here you can find tournament information, daily stories, and links to the "Tiger Watch Site", and Golf Digest. For sites on fishing, boating and surfing, you can netsurf at Yahoo on your own.

Great outdoor information is found at the site of the award winning "Outside Magazine" , which has articles and links to diverse outdoor activities. They run the gamut from climbing Mt. Everest to fishing in National Parks. Prospective climbers can visit Mount Everest at its own site at .

For the only slightly less adventurous, and those planning family vacations, Universal Studios of Florida, Sea World, Busch Gardens and hundreds of other theme parks can be found at Yahoo ( Theatre goers may find joy and tickets at Playbill Magazine Online ( . This site contains information about costs, hours of operation, theatre news, and schedules of many theatre companies across the country. Besides listing Broadway and off-Broadway productions regional listings are found with a special bonus of theatre listings in London.

The New York Times at is also a great place to keep up with the news. The New York Times besides its book reviews also has a special set of diversion pages with crossword puzzles and a twice weekly trivia quiz page. For the younger set there is a web based version of "You Don't Know Jack" online. Since I don't know Jack, you can send your teenagers off to find this site on their own. And if there is any spare time remaining visit C-Net Central at . There you’ll find information on current internet happenings, software reviews, shareware, freeware and links to an online GameCenter and to Enjoy your summer!


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