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Welcome to Dr. Pribut's resources page on healthy fitness walking. We continue to cover running thoroughly, but are adding new resources for the many people who walk for fitness.


Starting A Healthy Fitness Walking Program  Reduce the risks of a sudden increase in activity.

Selecting Walking Shoes  Fit comes first.

Online Chat At USA Today - Archived: Featured Chat on "Talk Today"

Rock Your Socks - How should you choose your athletic socks? Is cotton rotten?

Pain In Athletes
Pain is not normal. Pay attention to your body.

Stress Fractures and Stress Reactions of Bone: A Chronic repetitive stress injury syndrome of bone. A quick preliminary look at stress fractures, better termed a chronic repetitive stress injury of bone.

Biomechanics Of Gait
Introduction to gait biomechanics.

practitioners and students.

Stay Out Of The Doctors Office  Reduce the risks of your training.

Separating the Buzz From The Biomechanics:A Guide To Athletic Shoe Trends and Innovations PDF

Dr. Pribut's Running Shoe List Categorizing selected running shoes. Not the only shoes out there but these ones have been examined and placed in usable categories.


Overuse Injuries

Specific articles for walking will be added in this section. In the meantime, selected articles on conditions common to running and walking are listed.

Achilles Tendonitis
How can you get rid of your Achilles Tendonitis How can you reduce the   risk of recurrence. What stretches are good and which ones are bad?

Ankle Sprains
What should you do immediately if you've sprained your ankle? Can the doctor help? How can you keep this from recurring? If you've read that 70% get better within 6 months what can you do to be in that 70% and to turn that 70% into 95%.

Plantar Fasciitis
This seems to be an epidemic. How can you improve your plantar fasciitis? What are the best stretches? What might be wrong with your shoes? Is there anything to make the pain go away?

Athlete's Foot
Do you have to be an athlete to get athlete's foot? How can you prevent it? What is that scaly, dry skin on the bottom of your foot? Is it just dry skin or something more sinister?

Friction Blisters

Shin Splints
What causes shin splints? What are shin splints? Is there more than one kind?  What can you do to treat it?  Can orthotics help? What stretches can help?

Neuroma Pain
Numbness, tingling, burning, or cramping in your forefoot. What could it be?  Would wider shoes help? Can orthotics help? How about steroid injections?

Piriformis Syndrome

Plantar Warts


Tips On Avoiding Injury

Tips On Stretching
Dr. Pribut reviews his favorite stretches and makes suggestions for you on how to keep limber.

Tips On Selecting Athletic and Running Shoes
Dr. Pribut reviews the basics of running shoe selection and offers some tips.

Strength Training
Dr. Pribut reviews strength training for athletes in 3 articles.

Spring Dos and Donts

1. Do wear socks made of synthetic fibers that wick moisture away from your skin to help prevent blisters and athlete's foot.

2. Do fit your walking shoes and other sports shoes with the type of sock you intend to wear them with.

3. Build up your mileage and time spent walking slowly after a winter lull.

4. Make sure to give yourself rest days and don't pick up where you left off 4 months earlier.

5. Do wear comfortable shoes that fit well and are used for the specific activity you choose for exercise. Running shoes do not have the lateral support needed for tennis. Help yourself avoid ankle sprains and other injuries by selecting the proper shoe for the sport and other activity you are participating in.

6. Don't wear new shoes for a long walk or charity event. Do make sure you have at least 3 weeks of use or 75 miles of walking use of your shoes before wearing them for an extended event.

7. Do replace your walking shoes often. Plan on replacing them every 6-9 months or 1,000 - 1500 miles of use for fitness walking.

8. Do break in new shoes before race walking or using them for a long walk.

9. Do use sunscreen to prevent solar injury to your skin. Make sure UV-A and UV-B are both included in your sun block.

10. Do be careful as the temperature rises. Don't forget proper and regular fluid replacement. Most recommendations for running call for about 8 oz. every 20 minutes. Your needs may be somewhat less while walking, since your perspiration is likely to be significantly less. Try to avoid exercising in the middle of the day when it is hot.


Dr.  Pribut has been in private practice in Washington, D.C. since 1980. His practice specializes in Podiatric Sports Medicine, Biomechanics and Foot Surgery. He has also been active in computer sciences since the early 1980's. He has been active in non-profit organization Internet use and has served as webmaster and Chief Internet Engineer for numerous national and state organizations. His sports medicine web site has been a useful resource for over 1 million visitors since 1995. He is on the clinical faculty of the George Washington University Medical Center. Dr. Pribut is the immediate Past-President of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine and has also served as President of the District of Columbia Podiatric Medical Association for 4 years. He serves on a variety of professional committees pertaining to education, sports medicine and clinical practice.

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