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For many years we've been the author and caretaker of the USENET FAQ on Chess. This document is still in existence, but is outmoded, outdated, and not really of much use anymore. Way back in 1994, when there were very few chess sites around the document was helpful, and for over 10 years this web site had a reputation for useful links. Years pass, links die, the web grows, and now there are many sites that cover chess in depth. The very first site that I recall was Mark Crowther's "The Week In Chess", was wonderful back in the day and is still doing a fantastic job.

We are reorganizing and will highlight some of the best sites on the web here.

Chess News

Chessbomb - Current Broadcasts (US Championship 2011)

The Week In Chess Oldest & Best Internet Chess News



Chessbase General Chess News Information about US Chess politics.

Europe Echecs In French. Tout en francais.

Play Chess Live

Internet Chess Club

FICS (Free Internet Chess Server) - links to programs and info on FICS

Play against Shredder

Add Chess to iGoogle

Improve Your Play!

Chess Tempo

Top10Chess tactics

Weekly Shredder Problems


Play v. Shredder

Chess Visualization TrainingClose your eyes and visualize the chessboard. Excellent. Online games, problems.

Basic Rules Of Chess

Chess Rules For Beginners

Chess Software


Fritz, Junior, Shredder



Lot's of Freeware

Free PC (CUI) Needs GUI



Stockfish (PC, OSX, iPad, iPhone)

Critter 0.9 32 & 64 Bit


Arena Latest GUI for Winboard, UCI, Chess960, DGT and ICS servers. Windows 7, Vista, XP.

GNU Xboard




Sigma Chess


Street Fighting Men by Rich Fireman

The Fountain by Rich Fireman

Fish To Fischer by Rich Fireman

Chess and Go: No Brainers Nature Magazine. 12 December 2002

Computer Chess Ratings

CCRL Computer Chess Rankings

CEGT Computer Chess Rankings

IPON Computer Chess Evaluations

Computer Chess Ratings - from Selective Search Magazine

Chess Organizations

FIDE World Chess Federation


Canadian Chess Federation

French Chess Federation

Italian Chess Federation

Articles and Magazines

Early Cheating With ComputersRadio cheating with "Belle"

Is It Real Or a Computer? NY Times. Dec. 10, 2002

Chess Cafe

Chess As WarChessbase Magazine

Smart Chess Online Interviews, Articles, and News

The Week In Chess Best and Oldest Chess News Weekly On The Net

Chessopolis Reviews, Articles

New In Chess Magazine Still alive after all these years?


Bobby Fischer 1958 - Sicilian Vespers v Gligoric

Problems: The Knight's Tour

knight's tour

Try The Knight's Tour App

Automaton Chess Player - by Edgar Allan Poe, 1836

Chess Programming Wiki

Robert Hyatt Technical Articles

Arena - GUI for Winboard, UCI, Chess960, DGT and ICS servers. Windows 7, Vista, XP.